If you are reading this post, it is likely that you are getting married… Congratulations!

Planning a wedding can make even the most easy-going person a bit nervous and stressed. That’s why we have created this wedding checklist that will help to keep you organized and stress-free.

After the list of the most important things to do a year before the wedding, here is our list of things to do 10 month before the big day.

10 month before

  • Build a registry
  • Reserve a block of hotel rooms through your wedding planner, who will help you select the most suitable hotels in the area
  • Choose and book the venue for the welcome dinner
  • Determine the logistics of your wedding day (areas and timings of the event)
  • Help your wedding planner to understand your color palette and style you desired for you floral decorations
  • Choose your wedding dress, accessories and shoes
  • Start planning your honeymoon


In the next post we will tell you what you have to do 8 month before!

Stay tuned and… Good planning!