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We create unforgettable weddings, with unique charm in breathtaking historical locations.We will take care of every little detail for the entirety of your Italian stay, from the moment you land to your departure. Our staff will try to make all your wishes come true, with a wide range of options and tailored solutions for your wedding day as well as the rest of your stay in Italy.
Our aim is to make sure that every day you spend in our country is an unforgettable new experience.

  • Ultimate destination for a wedding! Every little detail was planned to perfection.
  • Enchanting location, wonderful people and sensational food.
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    Simply amazing! A trip we'll never forget.
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For the moment you land in Bologna to the moment of your final departure from Italy, we will be at your side and we will help you organise a trip to remember for the rest of your life.

Our staff will plan your wedding weekend, including dinners, day trips and excursions as well as every little detail of your wedding celebrations. You can choose to enhance your stay with our special add ons, such as wine tasting tours, golf days, test drives in a Ferrari and so on. We will also help you out in planning an Italian honeymoon as the perfect ending of your perfect stay. Get in touch with us to discover more about our services.